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Nordic Building Regulations

Fire safety requirements in the Nordic countries are generally similar, but differ in some regards, among others things in terms of use in multistory buildings made of wood. Below is a brief overview with regard to the use of fire retardant treated wood. For more detailed information please refer to each country's rules and regulations of construction. 

Interior Wood Surfaces on Walls and Ceilings in Homes in Accordance with Nordic Building Regulations






Single Family Home

(1-2 floors)

Wood Surfaces Permitted


(> 2 levels)


- In Apartments 

Wood surfaces permitted on walls

≤ 8 floors

Building Class P1: Wood surfaces permitted

Building Class P2: Only small wooden surfaces as well as surfaces of fire retardant treated wood (Euro Class B) 

Wooden surfaces permitted in fire cells ≤ 200 m²

Only small wood surfaces and surfaces of fire retardant treated wood (Euro Class C wall, Euro Class B roof)

- In Escape Routes

Fire retardant wood that meet surface and lining requirements can be used. Untreated wood surfaces are generally not allowed. 


Wood Facades in Accordance with Nordic Building Regulations






Wooden facades in accordance with Nordic building regulations

Wood Facades Allowed

Multistory Buildings

(> 2 levels) 



a maximum of 20% of the total facade surface can be made of wood and a maximum of 50% of each storys height 

3-4 floors:

no limitation to use of wooden materials with constructive protection and sprinkling 

no restriction if accessibility to extinguishing is approved by the local fire department (regardless of frame)

-    Without sprinklers: use of wooden materials allowed to a limited extent (about 20%) 

 -    With sprinkler: use of wooden materials allowed without limitation

-    Approved facade fire testing in accordance with SP Fire 105