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About NBT


NBT, Nordic Association for Fire retardant treated wood, is a non-profit organization with the purposes of providing factual information to every and each one in the Nordic region who would have use of fire retardant treated wood.

The organization has been active since 2007 as the association Fire Retardant Treated Wood but in 2011 a more formal organization was established.

The organization strive for quality assurance of products, production processes, suppliers and use. In this it works for cooperation and uniformity between the Nordic countries.

Information about fire retardant treated wood is among other channels provided through the organization's website website. Information about such things as what fire retardant treated wood is, what it's areas of use are, pros and cons of fire retardant treated wood and the current rules and requirements regarding fire protection in Sweden and the Nordic countries. On the the member companies also have the opportunity of listing their CE-marked and type approved products.

- Our vision is that fire retardant treated wood will be the natural choice of consumers, the industry and the legislative body because of it's high quality, safety of use and durability.