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Industrially Manufactured Wood Products

NBT-Approved Fire Retardant Treated Wood Products with Documented Properties 

There are many different types of fire retardant treated wood on the market. Fire protection resistance's durability in various applications, especially in humid environments, however, can vary a lot between different brands. New Nordic and new European systems of class for fire retardant treated wood and fire class for wood has therefore been introduced, refer to the section on new classifications for fire retardant treated wood.

This page presents wood products with documented properties for both fire class and classes for fire retardant treated wood. For outdoor use (Use Class EXT) there is normally a need for protective painting, which works in conjunction with the fire retardant treated wood product.

The user is responsible for ensuring that the product is used in the right way and the right place in the present case and that the product meets the standing requirements for fire resistance. Fire requirements are set nationally and vary between the Nordic countries. 

1. Industrially Manufactured Products 


Control System

Fire Retardant Wood Products

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More Information

Fire Class e.g. European 

Classes for Fire Retardant Treated Wood e.g. NT Fire 054

E.g. CE Marking

Product thickness (mm) 

Product Name

Fire Retardant Applied Through Impregnation / Finish*

Coating Method (For Outdoor Use)

Manufacturer / Supplier

B-s1,d0 DRF INT CE and DNV 

Scandinavian Spruce Wood Paneling,

min 12 mm
Preventor Anti Flame


Refer to pdf

[pdf-fil in Swedish and Norweigan



B-s2,d0 DRF INT, EXT  CE Spruce,
min 19 mm
Fire Retardant Treated Wood


Refer to pdf




* The amount of active substance is important in both cases. 

For Products to be Reported Above they Are Required to Have Testing Documentation For 

  • Fire class (in accordance with EN, IMO and / or SP Fire 105)

    Classes for fire retardant treated wood (in accordance with NT Fire 054 or CEN / TS 15912), which includes testing of

    - Moisture resistance (in accordance with NT Build 504 or CEN / TS 15912)

    - Outdoor resistance (in accordance with NT Fire 053 or CEN / TS 15912)

    In addition, information about CE marking, environmental impact, usage, etc. is desirable and to be presented in the full information.


    Contact information: Lazaros Tsantaridis, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., tel: +46-(0)10-516 62 21